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As welcome as these new generic formulas will be, you needn’t wait around for prices to tumble. There’s more than one way to cut the cost of medications. Start with the cheap stuff Plenty of generics already exist. Doctors sometimes prescribe the designer drugs out of habit, but maybe 10 days’ worth of penicillin would vanquish that upper-respiratory infection just as well as a pricier antibiotic. Speak up, already: Explain that you’re on a tight budget and in the market for [...]

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Finding cheap prescriptions may be easier now that prescriptions are considered an “essential health benefit” under the Affordable Care Act–meaning that your insurance must cover them. However, there are even more ways to save. The world of prescription drugs is known for its cast of prancing seniors in scenic locales on commercials that air during the evening news. However, because drug prices are not fixed or regulated in the U.S., the reality is less road trip and more highway [...]

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If the prescription drugs you need to maintain your health are becoming unaffordable, help may be available. Consumer spending on prescriptions is rising sharply. Americans spent $310 billion on drugs in 2015, up 8.5% from a year earlier, according to a recent report by IMS Health, a firm that studies health costs. As prescription costs rise, more consumers feel the pinch. “Always talk to your doctor about drug costs, and, very importantly, your pharmacist,” says Joseph Sanginiti, president and chief operating [...]